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Relax in an Inflatable Hot Tub

Mspa are one of the leading companies selling the very best inflatable hot tubs. Experience this relaxing and dreamy sensation in your own garden. Relax your mind, pamper your body, melt the stress away and enjoy quality time. Unleash the magnificence of your own personal spa in the comfort of your own home. Mspa have a wide selection of inflatable hot tubs to suit all budgets. Have a look at what's on offer.

Frame Series Hot Tubs

Soaking in an MSpa inflatable hot tub is the perfect way to make every day your best day ever. Take advantage of the exclusive FRAME Series hot tub that offers the ultimate in wellness and relaxation. Click HERE to see all models.

Muse Series Hot Tubs

You could fall in love with the therapeutic benefits of an MSpa inflatable MUSE hot tub. So, melt away the tension and discomfort and have a look HERE at the MUSE collection. 

Urban Series Hot Tubs

The URBAN inflatable hot tub series, from MSpa, leave you feeling brand new with tension melting jets and bubbles working their blissful magic. Take a look HERE at the fantastic URBAN series to help find your peaceful self.

Delight Series Hot Tubs

Are you ready for the perfect vacation experience. The DELIGHT series of inflatable hot tubs are perfect in the back garden. This is one of Mspa's best selling hot tubs that creates the vibe you want outdoors anytime. Be warned though, you might be in your back garden for a long time. Click HERE to view the DELIGHT series of inflatable hot tubs.

Premium Series Hot Tubs

The PREMIUM bubble spa treatment is designed to deliver a holistic, full body experience. Warm air is pushed through the 360-degree staggered air jet design, creating thousands of bubbles. Just enjoy being surrounded and massaged by bubbles completely. Click HERE to see the PREMIUM range of hot tubs.

Comfort Series Hot Tubs

A COMFORT MSpa hot tub helps you relax in the comfort of your own garden. The water and jets help you to relax, recover and rehabilitate. Talk about comfort, click HERE to see the COMFORT series.

Lite Series Hot Tubs

Choose one of the popular LITE series of inflatable hot tubs. Perfect for all the family. Enjoy downtime with an MSpa LITE series inflatable hot tub. Click HERE to see the LITE hot tubs.


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MSpa has been manufactured with reliability and simplicity in mind. All products have been inspected and found free of defects prior to leaving the factory. MSpa warrants their products against defects in material and workmanship for a period of 6 months. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase. During the warranty period, MSpa will either repair or replace, at its discretion, any defective products. 

Spoil yourself today with a relaxing inflatable hot tub.

Buy Best Online Portable and Inflatable Hot Tub at MSpa UK
Buy Best Online Portable and Inflatable Hot Tub at MSpa UK

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Buy Best Online Portable and Inflatable Hot Tub at MSpa UK


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